Yellow depicts a positive outlook or vision of life.

The Tricolor symbolizes love for and Pride in our country and its culture.

Jnana mudra represents knowledge of life and its purpose.

The Globe stands for universal outlook.

Swami Chinmayanada’s Eternal presence & Blessings are Characterized by his signature OM



This Means:

Be Brave and Courageous always, face every experience in life with your face. In other words, be balanced in life under all sorrow, Success or failure, honor or dishonor, the calmness of the mind expresses itself circumstances joy or a smile on prosperity or adversity. This with a smile.


Chinmaya Vidyalaya has for its emblem, the lamp and the Hamsa bird in the light of scriptures represented the lamp) The discriminative power of the human intellect is to be developed (represented by the Hamsa Bird)Vedic tradition describes Hamsaas a bird that can drink milk alone from a mixture of Milk and water The human Intellect with its discriminative power must be able to discriminate between Spirit and Matter and must come to enjoy the spiritual essence in the World of names and forms Thus the emblem indicates the function of the Mission is to help people in developing ethical values and cultivating in them a discriminative intellect.